10 Best Wedding Gifts for Couples

So you were invited to a wedding, and you are unsure of what gift to give the new married couple? You are in the right place! Here you will find 10 of the most cherished wedding gifts to give a couple on their big day.

Whether this is your first wedding or your 15th wedding you are attending I am sure that you will get some inspiration from the below ideas!

1. A Custom Pillow

A custom pillow will be a great addition to the married couple’s home. This will add some personalization to their room. Check out these reasonably priced personalized pillows from amazon:

2. His and Hers Wall Decor

His and Hers decorations are cute wedding gifts way to recognize that the new living space is shared among each other. See below inspiration to his and hers gifts.

3. Personalized Travel Map

A personalized travel map is great for couples who love to travel! If they have traveled a lot of places around the country or even the world together, this gift would be the one to get them! This way they will be able to see all of the places they have been and plan to go to in the future.

4. A Personalized Wooden Plaque

You can be creative in any way with a personalized wooden plaque. Add a special bible verse or quote that relates to them. Or try personalizing this by having the couples names along with the date of wedding engraved for them to reflect on the day when looking at the plaque.

5. Personalized Christmas Ornament

If the wedding date falls around the time of the Christmas holiday, a personalized Christmas ornament is a perfect wedding gift. This will be their first Christmas together as a married couple therefore make it special for them with a personalized Christmas ornament.

6. Couples Horseback Riding Adventure

I am a huge fan of giving the gift of experiences to others rather than physical gifts. Experiences are cherished between the people who share them, especially if they are good experiences. Get the couple out spending time with each other by giving the gift of a romantic horse back ride together!

7. A Custom made Portrait

Arrange for a customized portrait to be made for the newly wed couple. Find a picture of them that they love or appreciate the most and have it painted into a portrait. This gives them different styles of art they will be able to hang around their house or wherever they choose.

8. A Personalized Recipe Box

If you are looking for a very unique gift to give the couple, a personalized recipe box is it! This is perfect for a family that has a lot of traditional recipes or a family who plans to start new traditional recipes together in the kitchen. This gift will be an encouragement to continue to keep those traditions in the kitchen alive.

9. A Personalized Giant Tumbling Tower

You said the married couple loves to have fun and play games? Then this gift will be perfect for them. The couple will be able to enjoy the game while also remember the meaning behind the gift by having it engraved with their names or dates of their wedding. This gift can be personalized how every you prefer to make it more special to the couple.

10. A Custom Engraved Cutting Board

Every household could use a cutting board, so why not make it personalized? Have the couples wedding date and name engraved on the cutting board. This gift is great for couples who love to cook, especially together!

I hope you find the perfect gift for your loved one’s up coming wedding! Check out the below links for more gift or event Ideas.

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Atiya Cheung