10 Perfect 50th Birthday Gifts for Men & Women

Here you will find ideas on 50th birthday gifts, whether it is your mom, dad, husband, wife, friend, co-worker or boss, someone is turning 50 and it means he or she is reaching an important milestone in their life. You need to find them the best 50th birthday gift, but where do you start?

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Well you want to buy something that makes him or her feel special about turning 50. By this age many things in life have been accomplished. Great 50th birthday gift suggestions include something related to hobby or personality, creative, meaningful, practical or even funny. An item that specifically celebrates this milestone age is recommended too. Read my blog on 10 perfect 50th birthday gifts for a guide.

1. Tactical Pen for Self Defense

A compact pen is definitely one of the best birthday gifts you can find.

Whenever your loved one is out on the move, they will be able to bring along this special pen that is multi-functional for their benefit. This tactical pen is more than just a writing tool, its sturdy design includes an emergency whistle, bottle opener, flashlight, and more.

More importantly, the strong tip not only can break glass in an emergency, it can also be used as a defensive tool when facing threat to personal safety.

2. A Bible Verse Plaque With Family Name

Order a plaque uniquely customized with the family name and a bible verse as a gift. There are serval of ways to be creative with this idea. If you lack creativity you have the option of purchasing a pre-made plaque.

3. Personalized Bottle Opener

This wall mounted bottle opener w/ cap catcher is a very unique gift. This gift is very convenient for drinkers who are opening beer or soda bottles. It makes opening your bottle cooler, easier, and even more fun!

4. A Fancy Toiletry Bag

By 50 your loved one may be ready to travel the world more due to less work and family commitments. This gift would be right up their alley! Get them set up nice with a complete toiletry bag along with some accessories to go inside of it.

5. Personalized Walking Stick

We all know we are going to age, and our bodies are going to start to function a little differently. A personalized walking stick may be a great idea if your loved one is starting to need some assistance getting around.

6. A Custom Photo Puzzle

Puzzles are so much fun! Imagine completing a puzzle that is customized specifically to you, what puzzle lover would not enjoy that? Surprise them with ones of the best 50th birthday gifts, by giving a custom photo puzzle.

7. Massage Gun for Deep Tissue Massage

Ugh who wouldn’t love a massage at any given moment? Give the gift of a massage gun to your loved one. This gift is perfect for someone who tends to have muscle aches or fatigue, or someone who just simply loves a massage.

massage gun

This specific massage gun features: 20 different speed levels, cordless, 10 replaceable head help users, handheld precision, and even a light weight design.

Anyone would love this gift and enjoy the comfortable experience brought by this deep tissue gun.

8. A Power Tool Set

This RYOBI power tool kit includes: two 18-volt lithium batters, a drill that features two different settings, a reciprocating saw, a drill and more. This is the perfect gift for your handyman that is turning 50. This gift will allow them to get organized by having majority of their tool in one kit.

9. 50th Birthday Apron

A 50th birthday apron is fit for a chef. This is the perfect gift to give someone who loves to cook, they will have fun in the kitchen wearing this!

10. 50 Thing to do When You Turn 50 Book

This is the third edition of 50 Things to Do When You Turn 50. This book was created to help a soon to be 50 year old approach the experience with optimism rather than dread.

The book comprises a veritable instruction manual for how to turn 50: everything from how to readjust your stock portfolio to how to readjust your underwear (to allow for more breathing room . . . wearing comfortable clothing is a privilege that you have more than earned by now). The underlying message is this: Relax. Now that you’re 50, you don’t have to prove yourself anymore, so take care, get your house in order, and these will be the best years of your life.

book on 50 things to do when you are 50
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50 Things to Do When you Turn 50

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