11 Unique Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

There are so many gifts to give book lovers other than a book. Books are easy gifts to give someone who loves to read. If you are looking for a unique gift to give a book lover you are in the right place. Read this blog on 11 unique gifts ideas for book lovers that are not books.

Book End

A Shelf is never complete with out a beautiful book end to hold everything together. From discrete and functional to quirky and fun, book ends come in all different shapes and sizes. The endless possibilities make for a perfect practical gift for book lovers. See a few book end ideas below.

Wall or Table Top Book Shelf

Readers will need a place to store all of their books, so why not give a book shelf as a gift? You could give a floating book shelf or a table top book shelf for example. Pick whichever book shelf you think is most suitable and stylish for decor in their home.

Book Light

Staying up late to read is a favorite pass time for book lovers. Give the gift of a book light that easily attaches to the book itself. This way readers can stay up late with a discrete light that will not keep others awake. This light also comes in handy for night drives and flights. See below for a few book light gift ideas.

Bookplates or A Book Stamp

If a book lover in your life is hesitant on loaning out their books and never seeing them again, a set of book plates or stamps can be the solution. Book plates and stamps are easily placed on the front inside cover of the book. This will help track who the book belongs to and should be returned to.

A Review Journal

Help your book lover keep track of the books they read and the impression they made with a reading journal. You can find a fancier journal online or create a personal one with printables.

A Customized Book Mark

Someone can never have too many book marks. Especially if they like to read multiple books at the same time. Customize a unique book mark as a gift in order to help books lovers mark their place.

Book Holder

A book holder is such a unique gift for book lovers. Position the book holder on your nightstand, for easy placement of your book when you are done reading for the night.

No Bleed Highlighter/Pen

Without the right tool to mark up your book, the pages could potentially be ruined. No bleed highlighters and pens are great when making notes. This will ensure that the next page is not ruined by having the color bleed through.

A Book Buddy

You may not know known these existed, but a book buddy would be a great gift. Book buddies evenly distribute a book’s weight so you can effortlessly enjoy the pleasures of reading. This is great for holding a book in one hand, preventing pages from blowing in the wind, and holding a book while reading to others.

Bath Tub Tray

A bathtub tray is a perfect addition to a book lover’s relaxing time. This gift makes reading in the tub easy and enjoyable. The tray is will keep all self-care necessities in place with designated spots for a book, tablet, wine glass, and/or candles. It will look fantastic in any bathroom and is sure to make a perfect gift.

Signature Gold Book Anchor

A book anchor will hold your book in place when reading. This makes for a far more relaxed and comfortable reading experience. This specific item includes a beautifully presented gift box. You can even personalize this book anchor exactly how you desire for your loved one.

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