13 Great Date Ideas For Your 1st Anniversary

In need of some amazing ideas for your upcoming anniversary? You came to the right place! whether it is your first or your 51st anniversary you will be sure to get an idea of the perfect anniversary for you this year. Check out 13 great date ideas for your anniversary.

Recreate your first date.

Take an imaginary time machine back to your first date with your partner by recreating that moment.

Cook a perfect meal.

Who doesn’t like a perfect meal? Cooking a perfect meal with your partner is a great way to warm each others hearts and stomachs at the same time. Have fun creating new memories in the kitchen while preparing dinner.

Write your love story.

Be creative with your partner and write a love story. You can write your own personal love story or write an imaginary love story together. Make it a good one that can be later shared with your children.

Create a playlist together.

A lot of couples share memories through music, whether it be discovering a new song together, going to a concert together, or reminiscing when a certain song is played. Capture each song by putting together a playlist that can be played during special moments like your anniversaries.

Take a day trip to your favorite spot.

After dating for a while, you and your partner are bound to discover a favorite spot the both of you enjoy. Make that place even more special by spend your anniversary there. Find ways to make the event more romantic than before.

Take a scenic train trip.

Take an upscale train ride along the country side, by the sea, or through the hills and valleys to enjoy the scenic view with your partner. Make this moment special by having dinner and an overnight stay on the train for your anniversary.

Go on a retreat.

Find a getaway or retreat geared towards couples on anniversaries. Retreats will often provide fun and romantic events for couples to partake in. They will do the majority of the planning for you, you just have to show up with your partner. This will help you both to grow even closer to each other than before.

Explore a new city.

Partake in a change of scenery. Switch it up by going to a new city you have not been to before. Take your time together as a couple explore some of the main attractions that the city has to offer. You never know what you may find!

Take a hot air balloon ride.

Take your love to new heights by taking a ride in a hot air balloon. Fall deeper in love by seeing the world together from a different view.

Take a trip to an amusement park.

Get pumped up with adrenaline by spending your anniversary at the amusement park. Take a trip to Six Flags, Hershey Park or even Disney World for unforgettable excitement and fun!

Go snorkeling or scuba diving.

There are over a hundred thousand undiscovered species in the ocean. Dive deeper in love by exploring the underwater world together. Go snorkeling, there is so much to be found!

Road trip.

Take a road trip around the country or just through a few different states with your partner. Experience new places together each day on the road. Try new foods and see different sceneries as you travel.

Picnic in the park.

If it is the right time of year where the days are sunny and cool, find a nice quiet spot in the park and set up for a picnic. Spend time conversing about life, goals, and your love. Be intimate and intentional with your time together on your anniversary.

The perfect anniversary idea will come to you, I hope my ideas gave you some insight! For more date ideas check out the below links

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Atiya Cheung