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15 Ideas to Celebrate Women’s History Month at Work

    Celebrating Women’s History Month at work is a great way to recognize the women in your office. Women’s history month is celebrated every year during the month of March. Take this opportunity to commemorate the achievements and contributions women have made over the course of history. While women should be celebrated 365 days of the year what better time to celebrate the outstanding women at your company than now?

    Recognize the Women in the Office

    Who Doesn’t like to feel special? This month give all the women in the office a special gift. Figure out the budget for your office, and find a gift for the women within the budget. for example; flowers, chocolate, paid lunch, half of day of work, etc.

    Raise Awareness About Women Equality

    Host an event designed to bring your organization together to foster growth and raise awareness about women equality. Offer a day full of unique, employee-led programming open to all employees. Host conversations on topics focused on celebrating Women’s History Month at work. Lead a panel discussion on risk taking, authenticity, self-compassion, or defining success for example.

    Plan a “Purple Day”

    March 8th is International women’s Day, ask employees to wear purple to show their support for women. Purple is a color that is recognized for women equality. You could even include an incentive for anyone wearing purple, for example free breakfast in the cafe.

    Host a Luncheon and Celebrate Milestones

    Provide a catered lunch at work. When everyone is together, this would be a great opportunity to recognize any milestones or accomplishments made by women in the office. To take it further, you could nominate a Woman of the Year. Ask employees to fill out a form that will explain why their chosen women should be recognized and reveal the winner at the luncheon. Consider giving the winner a gift or a plaque for their achievements.

    Start a Women’s History Month Book Club

    Find a book written by a female author that will be appropriate for the workplace. See three examples below to get you started on your search:

    how women rise book

    we should all be millionaires book

    how women can succeed in the workplace

    Donate to Charities

    Find local or global charities that your company can donate to. If you have the budget, support women shelters and non-profit as a company.

    Set up a Special Team Building Event

    Women's History Month at Work

    There are plenty of no-prep events that you can host right in your office. You could host a virtual game night, transform your office into a paint and sip party, or offer a class in yoga. Whatever your event shall be, be sure to try and keep the focus on women. Including everyone in the office will be a great way to build relationships.

    Host a Women’s History Month Bingo

    If your employees like a little competition. Create a Bingo game that will engage employees throughout the month. Maybe create prizes for a number of winners who participate.

    Inspire Employee With a Celebrated Speaker

    Seek out an influential woman who will be motivational to your company. Have her share her personal story and background to give some encouragement to others.

    Prioritizing intersectionality and tough conversations

    Collaborate with employee resource groups at your company to provide a space to discuss hard topics such as any LGBTQ+ personal and professional journeys, overcoming imposter syndrome, postpartum depression, etc. Women deal with various illnesses or hardships outside of work that can hinder their work performance. Have these tough conversations, you never know what someone is dealing with unless you ask.

    Volunteer in the Community

    female volunteer

    Get together as women during or after work and spend time volunteering. Find a women’s shelter or non-profit business that is in need of volunteers and help in any way. This will not only help your community but also be great for time spent together as coworkers.

    Host a Networking Happy Hour

    Get women talking during a happy hour. Help create a support system that inspires fearlessness and positive change through elevating and empowering the voices of women.

    Lead a Women’s Basketball Game

    women basketball game

    Do you have a very active community in your office? Hosting an activity like a basket ball game would be a great event to celebrate Women’s History Month at work. This will get employees up and active after sitting at a desk all day. Those who choose not to participate can enjoy the game from the sidelines, cheering and encouraging the ladies who are playing.

    Provide Weekly Insights

    Showcase women in business and leadership. You could use this as an opportunity to recognize a female employee in your own company, or an influential female to the public eye. Crate an email chain or poster for the whole company to recognize and celebrate the chosen women together.

    Extend the Celebration on the Company’s Social Media Page

    Publicly display any recognitions, achievements, or events you have or are having during women’s history Month. This way you are encouraging other to celebrate WHM with you all and potentially forming more relationships with other companies or individuals. Share the good news on your website or social media pages!

    Women’s History Month is not only a great time to celebrate hard-working women in your company but to also strengthen internal teams. See more event ideas.

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