15 Spring Date Ideas

It is spring time and you are in need of something to do with your significant other, look no further. Find the best date ideas amongst this list of 15 spring time date ideas.

Visit a Local Museum

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There are several type of museums. Some are fun and silly others are educational and historical. Pick your fancy and visit a museum.

Go on a Bike Ride

Spring Date Ideas bike ride

Visit a near by park or trail and go on a romantic bike ride. This is a great way to be active with your significant other and enjoy the beautiful spring weather with your date.

Watch a Movie Outside

Spring Date Ideas

Find a near by drive through or create your own. Set up a projector and create a big screen in your back yard. Bring a bunch of snacks such as popcorn, candy, chips, and s’mores, and enjoy the outdoors with each other. End the night off by gazing at the stars.

Go on a Dog Walk

Spring Date Ideas dog walk

Whether it is your own dog or a borrowed dog from a local shelter, go on a dog walk. Walk on a trail or visit the dog park. If it is your first date this is a great opportunity to break the ice. Spend time loving and taking care ofthe pet as well as getting to know your partner.

Pack a Romantic Picnic

Spring Date Ideas

Bring out that picnic blanket and pack a yummy lunch in the cooler and head out to find the perfect spot for a picnic. Maybe choose a spot at the park or a spot by the water and enjoy the scenery and people.

Take a Hike

Spring Date Ideas

Get outside and get active! Take a hike on the mountain or trail and enjoy the beautiful scenery and physical challenges of walking the path.

Visit a Farmers Market

farmers market

Farmer markets are always fun. You can find so many cool nicknacks and tasty foods. Plan a day to visit a nearby farmers market and see what you both find.

Go Wine Tasting

wine tasting

This is a great date idea for wine over, and no so much wine lovers. Figure out what is your forte in wine. You might be surprised at what you find that you enjoy

Eat at a Food Truck

food truck date

Food trucks are typically fund in the city. Find an area that has food trucks and explore the different options. Take a walk in the area, visit local shops, and make a day out of it.

Go to a Music Festival

music festival Spring Date Ideas

If you and your date have similar taste in music, this will be a great idea for you to try. Do some research and see if one of your favorite artist are performing any time soon and go to a music festival. Also, you can both try something new by going to a music festival that might not be your typical choice. Explore your interest with each other and try new things!

Rent a Paddle Boat

paddle boat date

If you live by the water, go on a paddle boat ride. This is super romantic at night. Set the mood on the water and end the night with outside dining.

Participate in a Marathon

marathon race date idea

This date is super active! You and your date can spend time preparing for the big race. The day of the event, encourage each other throughout the race. After achieving the reward together, take time to celebrate each others accomplishments. This date will be one to remember..

Fly Kites

Find an open area like a park or the beach and bring the kites out and fly them! If you don’t own a kite check out the below options on Amazon and Etsy. Some are simple and others are more fancy and fun. Enjoy!

Spring Date Ideas
Spring Date Ideas

Visit a Flower Field

flower field Spring Date Ideas

Visiting a flower field is very romantic. Learn about flowers and pick out nice ones that you both like to take home for memorabilia of the amazing time together. A flower field is also a great scenery for some great pictures.

Go For a Long Drive

Spring Date Ideas driving

Take your own, or rent a car and go on a long drive with your date. Do some research on a good area to drive to see some beautiful scenery. Travel to another city or even another state. If you want to be spontaneous just get in the car and drive with no set destination. Make the road trip one to remember!

I hope you got some good inspiration for a spring date idea. For more date and event ideas check out the below links.

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