20 Indoor Activities for Your Entire Family

Find joy in staying inside the house with your children. It can be a good thing if you unable to get outside and get away from the everyday activities at home. It will challenge your creative side to find something new for your children to do.Ā If you are a parent in need of a creative activities to do in the house your in the right place, keep reading…

1. Bake Cookies

From scratch or not, baking cookies are a great way to not only bond as a family, but also enjoy a delicious warm treat.

indoor activity

2. DIY Project

There are so many DIY projects to create! The ideas are endless. Do a project that will be helpful for you.

Check out this book by Craft Lab for Kids filled with DIY project ideas

room make over indoor activity

3. Do a Room Makeover

Tired of the same looking room? If its time for an update, rearrange the furniture, add some paint and new decor and refresh your room!

4. Play Hide-and-seek

This game becomes very creative with finding the perfect places to hide. Who in the family will have the best hiding spot?

indoor activities
lego set indoor activity

5. Build a lego set

Legos come in all shapes and sizes. If you want a challenge buy a large lego set to put together as a family!

6. play video games

If you have a Xbox, Playstation, or PC. Find a game you can play as a family!

video games
scrap boook indoor activity

7. Make a scrapbook

scrapbooks are a lot of fun! If you are very crafty this project is the right on for you.

8. cook a family meal

Maybe mom is always cooking alone? (or dad) Have the whole family join in by making a meal that everyone can make together!

family meal
work out indoor

9. Do a in-house workout

Find a workout suitable to everyone in the house. Maybe yoga, pilates, core or strength. Either way spend time pumpin’ up the energy in the house!

9. clean together

Find enjoyment in cleaning by doing it together as a family! May not be exciting for everyone but will definitley be refreshing for the household!

funn indoor activity

10. put on your own comedy show

Full of jokes? Then put on a show for your family and have some fun! Make it a competition by seeing who can get the most laughs.

11. spa day

In need of some self care? Have a pamper day for everyone to enjoy. Bring out the face mask, nail polish, bubble bath and more!

spa day

12. read together

You make read a book together, or designate a quiet hours for everyone to read together individually. At the end of the hour share your thoughts on what you read.

13. have a paper plane contest

How creative can you get with paper airplanes? See who’s paper folds goes the furthest!

paper plane indoor activity

14. have a karaoke night

This activity should bring lots of laughs. Turn up the tunes and have some fun with Karaoke!

15. binge watch a show

If you are looking to just let time pass by, this activity is for you. Find a good show and get glued onto the TV for the day.

binge show
sheet fort

16. build a fort

With lots of blankets, pillows, and props this activity will be one the remember. How big can you build a blanket fort?

17. put together a fashion show

If you have lots of dress up clothing, this activity is for you! Have mom and dad in the audience as the kids strut their stuff!

science experiment

18. do a science experiment

There are a ton of simple science projects that can be done at home with little to no prep/set-up required. For Example if you fill a cup about water then sit a “cloud” of shaving cream at the top of a cup, andĀ drip blue food dye on top of the shaving cream. The “cloud” becomes saturated and you get blue rain.

PurchaseĀ Good Housekeeping: Amazing ScienceĀ to find more at-home science project

19. watch a new movie together

A movie from 1970 or 2024, the options are endless, find a movie everyone has not seen yet and press ‘play’!Ā 

movie night

20. Share stories

Have you shared life stories with your children? Or even fairytale stories that you were told growing up? Get creative and have story time for your children to learn a little bit more about you.

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Atiya Cheung