50th Birthday Party Ideas to Impress Your Guest

It is your golden year, so of course you want to celebrate this milestone the best way possible. Read this guide on 25 fabulous ideas on how to celebrate the most epic birthday this year, the big five-oh!

Go to an Island

Looking for something relaxing and refreshing? Spend your birthday week on a beautiful island. You can travel to your favorite country or destine location on your bucket list. Going to a private beach is also a great escape.

Go on a Camping Trip

Get outside! Have some fun in the great outdoors. There are so many things to do on a camping trip. You can stay in a lodge or in a tent. You can travel alone or with a group of people. Depending on preference camping is a great way to get some alone time or spend quality time with family and friends, partake in activities such as fishing, building a campfire, and hiking. Camping is a great way to disconnect and reconnect with yourself and others.

Sky Dive

Sky diving can be a life changing experience. It certainly was for actor, Will Smith. He Quotes, “You fall out of the airplane and in one second you realize that it’s the most blissful experience of your life. You realize at the point of maximum danger, is the point of minimum fear” (Check out Will’s book on amazon) if you are interested in learning more about his life journey). If you have any fear towards sky diving, face it and be free of it.

Surprise Party

This is great if you or a friend or family member are looking to do something special for your loved one’s 50th birthday. Plan a surprise party inviting guest that will truly make this birthday even more special.

Go on a Cruise

Take a cruise outside the country. Enjoy time on the boat as well as time on land when you reach your destination. Catch a cruise to Bermuda, Jamaica, Bahamas, or even Hawaii!

Front Row Tickets to Your Favorite Sports Team

Sports fan? Get front row tickets to your favorite sporting game. You will have a lot more excitement and adrenaline compared to watching it at home on the TV. The crowd will have you pumped up and excited about the game.

Horseback Riding

Are you an animal lover? Give horseback riding a try. Ride a horse around a field or track, or make the occasion more romantic by riding horses along the beach or during sunset.


This activity is somewhat similar to sky diving in the sense you are several feet high off the ground flying through the air. Zip-lining is a little less intimidating because you are held by the cable for security. Soar through the air on a zip-line for your 50th!

Deep Sea Fishing

Have you ever gone fishing? What is the biggest fish you caught? If fishing is not in your comfort zone, step out of it for your 50th and give deep sea fishing a try. There are about one million species in the ocean, have fun on your birthday fishing to figure some of them out.

Take a Stunt Driving Class

Up for a challenge? Try a stunt driving class. This birthday wish may be a hard one to find, but definitely would be worth the try. A stunt driving class will bring excitement on your 50th birthday!

Go on a Brewery Tour

Do you love to drink beer? Visit a brewery to learn how each one differs from each other, and how their beers make them distinct from other brewers. You will also get to taste different kinds of beer and know the brewery’s bestseller and award-winning beers.

Take a Road trip

If you are wanting to see more of the country, taking a road trip is perfect for you. Use MapQuest to plan out your travels and take a week or two traveling through different states.

Rent a Mansion

Stay in a luxurious place with people you love. Get away from home and take a vacation by turning 50 in a place that will make you feel like the million dollars you are.


Brunch is a very classy way to turn 50. Reserve a table at fancy restaurant and enjoy endless mimosas!

Spa Day

Pamper yourself with a complete spa day. Go all out on treating yourself to total relaxation. Self love is the best love, and the best way to show yourself some love is the take care of your body inside and out. Make this birthday one to remember by really focusing on your personal needs to feel well groomed and revived through relax therapy.

Rent a Yacht

Rent on a Yacht! Throw a grand party on the boat or simply spend peaceful quality time with loved ones on the water. Catch a tan or go for a swim. A day is well spent on a yacht. Have fun!

Murder Mystery

Have you ever attended a murder mystery party? You can make it intense by assigning characters and storylines ahead so guests can dress accordingly. Or you can keep it simple, with scripts and props that will walk you through the entire story. Plan this event so it is suitable to your liking for enjoyment.

Casino Night

This party can turn into any type of game night, but a casino night is great if you like to gamble. To make this idea come to life have guest dressed in sequined dresses and tuxedoes, provide custom cocktails, and set the mood with neon lights. You could contact event companies for a legitimate casino night experience, or buy your own set of chips and poker table tops for a do it yourself setup.

Favorite Things

Are you not a fan of celebrating yourself? A Favorite Things party is such a fun way to have a birthday party without all of the focus landing on you. You can decide how to do it: food-themed, beauty-product-themed, favorite books, etc. Everyone comes with their favorite thing to exchange, and they go home with something. A birthday party where EVERYONE gets a gift? Genius. 

Virtual Game Night

If you decide not to focus solely on a casino night as an idea I suggested above, have a regular game night. Have fun playing a variety of games. Make this event virtual if you are practicing social distancing due to the pandemic and can not see family and friends in person. A great virtual game idea is scattergories.

50 in the 50s

The 50s were a time to be alive! Bring back the vibe of diners, sock-hops, Elvis, and Grease by hosting a 50s themed event. Have guest come dressed in their best 50s attire, and decorate the venue to capture the feeling of the time period. Trust me, this will be the kind of party people will be talking about until 2050, you won’t regret it!

Adopt a Pet

In need of someone new in your life? Adopt a furry friend to start this new chapter of your life. Make sure it is a pet you will be able to take care of.


Spend your time giving back to others on your birthday. Maybe you are thinking about retiring soon or are retired, and want to find ways to volunteer within the community. Go out and find different volunteering opportunities that will get you excited for the freedom of retirement.

Painting with a Twist

Painting with a twist is typically a class led by an instructor, therefore if you are seeking ways to be more artistic, painting with a twist is great to gain experience on different painting techniques.

You only turn 50 once, make the most out of it!

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