Congrats Grad! 10 Graduation Party Event Ideas.

Searching for a creative theme for your graduation party? Look no further, check out these 10 amazing theme ideas for your party.

1. Taco Graduation Party Theme

taco tuesday

Tacos are not just for Tuesdays. Is the graduate a fan of tacos? I can’t see why not, because who doesn’t love a taco bar? Decorate your venue with lots of taco, fiesta, cacti, sombrero banners and props.

Everyone will “taco bout the future” of the graduate, at this perfectly planned event.

2. “Donut you forget about me” Graduation Party Theme

stack of donuts for graduation party

Donut resist the temptation to have a donut themed graduation party. Yummy delicious donuts full of jelly, icing, sprinkles, and more. If you have a local donut shop near you that has wide variety of fun unique donut flavors this event will be perfect for the graduate and guests. You donut want to miss out on planning this event!

3. “Sweet Reality” Graduation Party Theme

Having a sweet tooth is within all of us, whether it is a bitter or sweet taste. Candy is a great theme for a graduation party. Label candy jars with school themed words and fill with candy that matches best. Read some fun ideas below:

4. College Sports Team Graduation Party Theme

Is the graduate an athlete? Or loves sports? Then this party theme is great for him/her. Decorate your entire venue with the team’s colors, that includes plates, napkins, balloons, and even cupcakes. Hang up banners and photos as well. Depending on the sport, you can coordinate a friendly competitive game for the guest to partake in.

5. “Shoot For the Stars” Graduation Party Theme

sparkers for graduation party

Fill your venue with stars every where to make this theme light up! A cardboard post or a balloon art sculpture of a shooting star will make a great prop for a photo wall. Make the graduate feel like the bright and shining start they are after achieving such an amazing accomplishment. End the night with roman candle fireworks, and sparklers.

6. Safari Graduation Party Theme

Is the graduate an animal lover? Do you want to go beyond your standard graduation party? Rent an exotic animal for your event to bring this theme to life. What animal lover wouldn’t dream of having a reptile, monkey, or flamingo at their party? How cool is that!!?!! Pretty cool I think..

7. Music Graduation Party Theme

record theme graduation party

Have a blast from the past. The music from the golden oldies are classic. Decorate your graduation party with records, piano keys, and trumpets to fit this theme. Take it as far as having a live band playing in the background for you guest to enjoy at the party.

8. “Your Future is Bright” Graduation Party Theme

A bright future is something great to look forward to. Graduation is just a stepping stone to the next part of life. Encourage the graduate by being excited about what’s next to come, so many opportunities and possibilities. Decorating with dreamy clouds is prefect for this theme.

9. Memory Lane Graduation Party Theme

Love looking at old photos, videos, or memorabilia? Decorate with old and new photos of the graduate and any accomplishments or events that are meaningful to remember. Its always a good time remembering the good times we had in life. Looking back on what has been, is an encouragement and excitement to for the future and what is to come. Have guest fill a small note with their best memory with the graduate and add it to a memory jar. You could take it another step further by having the notes written anonymously and later have graduate read some aloud and guess who the note is from.

10. Polaroid Graduation Party Theme

Taking pictures are so fun! Set up a nice photo wall with a solid color backdrop and have guest hold onto a picture frame with fun sayings. this idea is a great way to make new silly memories. Play hot potato with a camera, this game will be a big hit at your party. Set the camera’s self timer and pass it around the room (or table), each player will point the camera at him-herself (at arm’s length) for a moment and then pass the camera to the next person. Everyone passes the camera until it takes a picture. This is an exciting way to capture memories while you are creating them


Graduating is a great accomplishment, make this event one to remember!

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