Disney Themed Party for Adults

Typically, retail options for planning a Disney themed party are catered towards children. Even though we are adults we too like to have fun. If you are an adult interested in planning a Disney themed party, read my blog for a complete guide on how to do it efficiently!

There are several different themes you can decide to hone in on; Star Wars, Marvel, Snow White, Toy Story, The Incredibles, Alice in Wonderland, and so many more. The options begin to feel endless, but to keep from feeling overwhelmed with so many different ideas we are going to focus on a planning a general Disney theme in this blog.

To guide you through decorations, food, and attire options the general Disney theme will focus on decorations based around the most famous characters Mickey and Minnie Mouse.


We want to decorate the venue in a way that screams “Disney”, but in a sophisticated and age appropriate manner.

Cover tables with black, red, white, or polka dot table cloths. Depending on the space of your venue you can add balloon center pieces on each table or Mickie and Minnie center pieces. See below image for inspiration.

Everyone will want to remember this night, be sure to have a place for your guest to take great photos. Create a photo wall with a Disney Themed backdrop. This backdrop is great for the general theme, it allows guest to dress up as any Disney character and take a photo as if they were at Magic Kingdom, Disney World in Florida. To make the photos more fun and goofy provide props that your guest can use in photos.

Photo Backdrop

Food & Drink.

There are a ton of Disney inspired recipes to choose from, check out my Pinterest board for some inspiration. A great place to start is creating Disney cut out cookies or adding cupcake toppers to cupcakes.

Create a drink or cocktail table with one or a variety of Disney themed drinks and fun straws for enjoyment. Check out my Pinterest Board filled with Disney Inspired drinks.

Set up your food table with a nice table cloth, place your food and drinks then add confetti, food labels, balloons, etc. This will create an amazing food table as well as have your guest excited about your theme of choice.


Finding an outfit is the best part! Think of your favorite Disney character and find a costume to achieve your look. Some great costume ideas are listed below with links to purchase.

Games & Activities.

You will want to have an activity or game to keep your guest intrigued about your event. A fun adult game would be Cards Against Disney. This game features white and black or red cards that are Disney-themed prompts that poke fun at all your favorite Disney characters, movies, and songs. Your guest will have a great time laughing at this adult version game.

Other game ideas could include a Disney themed game of Bingo, trivia, or scavenger hunt.

I hope this guide was helpful for planning your very one Disney themed adult party. For more party planning ideas check out the links below

Party Events

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