10 Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

Make Easter fun for you and your child/children. Put together an Easter basket that will indulge their interest and influence creativity and fun. Purchase a wicker basket and fill it with traditional grass of your choice to start and fill it up based on a theme you like from this list of 10 Easter Basket Ideas. At the end of this blog I have some ideas listed for basket fillers if you run out of things to fill up the basket.

Bunny Easter Basket

Keep it traditional by creating a basket featuring the one and only Easter Bunny! Purchase a personalized bunny basket, bunny stuffed animal, and some bunny themed candy such as chocolate shaped bunny ears or carrots, gummy bunnies, or festive lollipops.

Games Easter Basket

Keep your child busy this spring with a games themed Easter Basket. Fill this basket with board, card, build, and stack games to influence creativity and learning. Choose a variety of basket stuffers such as small sensory toys, candy, or other mini games to make the basket full.

Board Games

Build/Stack Games

Card Games

My First Easter Basket

Little ones celebrating their first Easter may not need a basket full of candy, but that does not mean they can’t celebrate too! Stuff your baby’s first Easter basket with cute play toys, a book, and blanket.

Encanto Easter Basket

If your child has “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” on repeat then an Encanto-themed basket is the way to go. Fill up this basket/tote with an Isabel doll, sing-a-long boombox speaker, a themed night gown, and lots of candy

Lego Easter Basket

Get creative and use a Lego storage bag as an Easter basket and fill it up with fun Legos! Make it festive by including Lego Easter themed toys.

Mermaid Easter Basket

Splash into the ocean with this under-the-sea themed Easter basket. Fill up this basket with mermaid themes toys, candies, and other goodies. For basket fillers you could include candies; Mermaid Rock Candy Sticks, Seashell Necklace Candy, and Mermaid Cotton Candy

Nintendo Super Mario Easter Basket

If you are seeking a little more expensive Easter basket, a Nintendo Switch themed basket is perfect. Purchase a candy-colored console and include a game or two, such as Mario Kart or Animal Crossing. Use plastic eggs filled with cool Nintendo accessories as basket fillers.Mermaid Basket

Hot Wheels Easter Basket

Vroom! Vroom! It is easy to find great Hot Wheel toys! Use a Hot Wheel storage bin and fill it up with new Hot Wheel cars and accessories. If you want to make it even more festive, open each car and place it into an Easter egg for your child to open and be surprised.

Unicorn Easter Basket

Unicorns are fun and colorful, which would make a great Easter basket theme. check out theses ideas on how to achieve this fun basket.

LOL Doll Easter Basket

Purchase a LOL Doll storage bin/basket to fit the theme. Fill the basket with surprise mini LOL Dolls, they are perfect for the Easter theme by being egg shaped. Add festive Easter grass, stuff the basket with more LOL Doll accessories of your choice, and of course a variety of your child’s favorite candy.

Easter Basket Stuffers

Easter basket stuffers will help complete the basket by making it look full and filled. Stuffers should match the theme of your basket. See below for some easter basket stuffer ideas:

Putting together an Easter basket is fun and exciting. Be creative with your basket and get ready to see the excitement it brings your child. Happy Easter! For more gift and event ideas use the below links.

Atiya Cheung