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15 Event Ideas for Christian Men Groups

    The women in the church are typically more likely to gather for fellowship and community amongst each other. Sometimes the men in the church need a push to gather together by getting organized and intentionally plan an event. Men desire to have these adventurous and fun outings but just need a little guidance. If this is speaking to you, please continue to read this list of 15 event ideas for Christian Men.

    Axe Throwing

    Axe throwing is a competitive and masculine outing. This is a great event to get the men excited about competing and challenging each other in a game.

    axe throwing

    Gun Range

    Spend the day exploring the world of shooting sports. Take the men to a gun range for a thrilling experience.

    shooting/gun range


    Volunteering is not only a way to build relationship with each other but also the community. Search places that are in need of help and spend a few hours or even the entire day giving your services.

    volunteering night

    Men’s Breakfast

    A breakfast just for the men is a great way to be intentional and get to know each other. This outing will give a lot of opportunity for genuine conversations to grow in your christian faith.

    mens breakfast

    Attend a Conference

    If you are wanting to educate the men in the church, going to a christian conference is the perfect way to do just that!

    christian conference

    Go on a Hike

    Going on a hike does not have to be an extremely challenging activity for individuals who are not athletic. Choose a path that is suitable for your group.

    hiking trip


    Golf is not for everyone, but if your group enjoys this sport this is a great outing. Golfing is very relaxing and also a great opportunity to converse and grow relationships.

    golf outing

    Attend a Concert/Festival

    This outing will depend on scheduling… If there is a christian concert or festival coming to your city this is a great opportunity to grab some discounted group tickets and go! This event is a little more expensive but definitely would be a great time!

    christian concert

    Start a Bible Club

    Start a bible club made just for the men of the church. Sometimes they may feel it is necessary to have all men in the room to feel comfortable having certain conversations. Create a safe space for them by forming a bible club

    christian bible club

    Host a Prayer Night

    Some men might just need prayer. A prayer night is a great way for men to feel heard and safe. Sharing personal prayer request will help build relationships and grow the men closer than what they already are.

    christian men prayer

    Take a Bike Ride

    Bike riding is great for all ages. Pick a trail that is suitable for the group and enjoy the ride!

    bike riding trip

    Start a Flag Football Team

    Football? Why not! Football is a favored sport by large. The men in the church may not want to tackle, that is why a game of flag football is perfect. This will ensure that no one gets hurt, for the most part. Have fun!

    football game

    Ride Jetskis

    You may have to travel to partake in this activity. Find the closest body of water that offers jetski riding and make an event out of it! Sometimes a group discount is offered too!

    jetski christian men

    Play a Game of Basketball

    Men love competition, team everyone up and play a game of basketball. You can make it fun by playing youth versus the elders in the church.

    christian basketball game

    Go Fishing

    If your church is near by water, this is a great outing! Being by water is typically a relaxing and refreshing experience. Take the men on a boat or set up shop near the bay and enjoy an evening out fishing.

    christian fishing trip

    For more event ideas please check out the links below:

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