Special Father’s Day Celebration Ideas

Father’s day is right around the corner! This year, are you seeking to really make this day special for your dad? Are you having a hard time coming up with the best idea on how to spend the day? If you answered Yes to either of those questions, do not worry because here is a long list of great Father’s Day activities for you to create new memories with your dad.

Father’s Day is a holiday where we are able to celebrate fatherhood and paternal bonds. You do not have to have a child in order to be a father. there are several father figures without having biological children. Use this day to really appreciate any man who has an influence in your life.

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Help Wash His Car

Who doesn’t like a clean car? Give your father the gift of a clean car inside and out. You can decide to wash the car together, take it to a detailer, or do it yourself. Either way this gift will be special and thoughtful. Maybe afterwards you can take a long drive to spend quality time together in the freshly cleaned car.

Take Him to See a Live Performance

Does your father have a favorite band, singer, or actor? Take him to see a live performance. This gift is also a great way to spend time together on his special day.

Create a Scavenger Hunt

Add some excitement to Father’s Day by creating a scavenger hunt he has to solve. Set up a whole bunch of riddles and clues for dad to lead him to his Father’s Day present.

father's day gift, skydiving

Go Skydiving

Is your dad a dare devil? Well if so have take him sky diving. This thrilling experience and one he would be sure to never forget!

Go for a Bike Ride

If Father’s Day calls for sunny weather this outing would be perfect! A bike ride is perfect for the entire family to get involved. Get your dad out and active by taking a ride on his favorite trail. Maybe you can pack food to set up for a picnic in the park.

father's DAy gift

Hire a Private Chef

A private chef will make dinner not only delicious but more intimate as well. You will not have the distractions of a rowdy restaurant interfering with your conversation. And you can decide what type of food you want to be served for your meal. If you are a chef yourself, or enjoying cooking you can prepare the meal together and make it extra special depending on what your father likes.

Break Things at a Rage Room

Men love wrecking and smashing things. Let dad blow off a little steam by taking him to a wreck room. After this adrenaline rush you both will be feeling a little bit more relaxed, I guarantee it.

Go Rock Climbing

See if dad still has what it takes by racing to the top of a rock climbing wall. You can choose a hard or easy course, but either way make sure to have fun with it!

father's day shopping

Take him Shopping

Shopping is not always enjoyable for guys, so sometimes we have to do it for them. Take your father shopping this year and pick out some things he really wants or really needs.

Cook out on the Grill

Everybody loves a good cookout. If your father is typically the grill master, let him sit back and relax while the rest of the family does the work and treats him to a great meal.

Visit a Race Car Track

This event can be pretty loud and rowdy so be prepared. Race car tracks are an amazing experience. Take dad here and watch the fast cars race or maybe even try to book an exclusive ride in an actual race car. Make sure you don’t forget your ear plugs!

Craft Together

Is your dad crafty? There are several different ways to be creative together. Start a project carving out wood or building furniture. Create something that will be fun but also useful for the both of you.

Go Axe Throwing

Axe throwing can become super competitive. Try playing some of the games they provide and see who does the best at hitting the targets.

Have a Spa Day

Not all men specialize in pampering theirselves. Take your dad out and treat him to a spa day. This day could include a full body massage, manicures and pedicures, facials, or even a hair cut. Figure out what your dad needs the most and treat him to some pampering!

father's day pillow fight

Build a Fort and Have a Pillow Fight

This activity may be for the kiddies, but I would not be surprised if some adults wanted to participate too. Build a fort with dad and hangout watching a movie and then having a crazy pillow fight before bed.

Go Bowling

Bowling is a great family oriented event. Gather everyone at the bowling alley and have fun trying to beat dad on the lane.

Solve an Escape Room

Escape rooms are not easy! Is your dad good at thinking outside of the box? Challenge him by taking him to an escape room and seeing if you can get everyone out in time.

Complete a puzzle together

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Puzzles are fun and creative. Depending on your preference you and your dad and put together a jigsaw puzzle or a Lego set. There are tons of different types of each for example; StarWars Lego set, Car Lego set, or a Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle.

Hopefully this list of ideas got you super excited to do something special by taking your dad out this upcoming Father’s Day. For more ideas check out the below links.

Atiya Cheung