How to Plan a Baby Shower

Seeking to plan the best babyshower yet? Whether you are the mom to be, grandmother, or close friend of mom, you are in the right place.

I have outlined steps to follow to make sure you have everything you need when planning a baby shower. 

I also included great visual examples from my own baby shower to give you an idea of how fun your shower can be.

Know Your Budget

Before making any decisions, you have to know your budget! When creating a budget think about all aspects of the shower that will be an expense to you. I created a babyshower budget sheet that you can reference for below. Or purchase on my Etsy shop for $1.99 by clicking the below Buy Now button.

Find a Venue

The most important part to planning a party is finding a venue. If you do not have a place to host the party how can you party? Think of how many guest you want at your baby shower then start searching for places that will accommodate that size party. Some other things to consider when searching for a venue: Do you want to bring food or have food provided by the venue? Do you want a bar available? (also consider you can bring in your own drinks for your guest if the venue allows) Do you have any handicap individuals who may have a hard time getting to the venue?

Make sure your venue is suitable for the amount of guest you will invite. You do not want everyone squished into one small room making the event unenjoyable.

Pick a Theme

What type of theme do you want your shower to have? Do you want the theme to be based off of the season? 

(pumpkin theme for fall, Ice/snow theme for winter, flower theme for spring, or beach theme for summer for example).

Or maybe you want a theme based off of something you are passionate about or enjoy. (animal theme, food theme, movie theme, etc) 

There are several ideas on how you can be creative on what your baby shower theme will be. Once you pick the theme it will make everything else come together easily. 

For this Blog I am going to show you example of my Bumble Bee themed baby shower I had for my son.

Create Invitations

Your invitations should match your chosen theme. Today a lot of people send invitations virtually. This method can be cheaper, and easier to keep track of who received and accepted your invitation. Websites such as are great for creating invitations, sending them out, and keeping track of your guests. Sending invitations by mail are always an option as well. Choose whichever method is best for you.


Food and drinks are a must, at least they are for me… If your venue provides food and a specific menut you have to chose from, then this step is made easy for you. 

If you are booking a venue that does not provide food, you will have to take the extra steps into finding someone who will cater for you baby shower.

Think of some food you may want to have at your baby shower.. Pasta? Salad? Chicken? Lemonade? Brownies? for example and then start searching for a caterer who will provide those yummy foods for you and your guest. 


Also consider, you may want one caterer who is providing the meal and another caterer who is providing desserts. Unless you find a caterer who can do both. 


The momma is the center of attention so she will need to be dolled up. Find a cute maternity dress for mom to be to feel beautful in.

You can chose to have guest come dressed to match the theme of the event, or attire that is suitable for the theme you chose. For example some of my family member wore bumble bee themed shirts to go along with the theme of the shower. You can see some of their shirts in the pictures and videos. Or check out the below linked shirt.

If you do not have a preference, guest can come wearing whatever that want! 



Playing games at a babyshower keeps the guest entertained while they socialize. There are so many baby shower games that you can considering playing. See below, a list of different types of games to play at any baby shower. 


Game Ideas:

Baby Predictions Game

Guess Mommy's Belly Measurements

who Can Change Baby the Fastest

This game is best played with the guys. Have 2 men compete against each other by having an unclothed baby doll, diaper, and 3 piece outfit for the men to race against a timer to see who can put baby’s clothes on the fastest. 

Who Can Finish the Bottle the Fastest

Photo Booth

You will definitely want to have a place at your baby shower where you can pose with your guest and take pictures for memories. 

Hopefully you enjoyed this blog and found it to be helpful, for more planning ideas and tips please see below blog.

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