How to Plan a Puppy Party

Did you just receive a new puppy at home? Does your puppy having a birthday coming up? Did you pup just compete and win a medal? Are you looking for ideas on how to celebrate your puppy? if so, hrow a puppy party!!

If you answered yes to majority of the questions above, you are in the right place! Follow this guide below on how to plan the perfect puppy party!


The invitations to your puppy party are going to have to be distinct on what type of party your guest are coming to. Be sure to make it evident that this is a party for your dog. This will allow guest to plan accordingly with the right gifts, and attire. Also if your guest have pets of their own they will know to bring their pets along to join in the fun if you allow.


The venue to your puppy party will have to be dog friendly of course. You will have to determine if you want the venue to be inside or outside, this may depend on the weather. Once you find your venue, make sure to set it up accordingly considering there will be a number of dogs there (you will need space to play)


Food and drinks should be something simple. There will be dogs around so you want to account for accidents that may happen. You may not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy feast just in case it gets knocked over by a pup. Unless you will have the food far away from the reach of dogs.

Some easy food ideas for the human guest would be: having taco bar, hot dogs & Hamburgers, chicken wings, or finger food such as nuggets, pizza, and fries.

If you want to have food for the dogs that will be at the party, take into consideration of all of the different diets your guest pups may have any what may be suitable for the majority. To make things easier it may be best to only have desserts for the dogs instead of a full meal. You can get dog desserts custom made at a local bakery, or shop. You could also buy dog desserts at a store such as: Chewy, Petco, or PetSmart


The last thing you may want to consider is what you are going to wear, you and your pup. If you want to go all out, you can look for matching outfits for you and your dog. Or you can let your dog shine by mainly finding an outfit for the party pup. Here are some ideas:

You now have all of the essential details necessary for planning a puppy party. If you are seeking any more party ideas check out the blog below.

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