Minnie Mouse Themed Birthday Party

Why a Minnie Mouse themed birthday party?… Because, why not? Everyone, including children and adults love Minnie (and Mickey) Mouse! Follow this guide on planning the perfect Minnie Mouse themed birthday party for any age.

Themed Party Invitation Ideas

Sending out invitations are always fun. Once you figure out the date, time, and venue you will be able to create the invitation. Get your guest excited for the birthday party with the perfect invitation to match your theme. You can create a digital invitation online/on your phone, or a printable invitation to give your guest in person or through the mail. See Below for some invitation ideas that will match your party’s theme:

Minnie Mouse Themed Party Decoration Ideas

This theme could be decorated with red, white, and black or pink, white, and gold. There are few color schemes you can go with for this party theme. But one thing you want to be sure to have is POLKA DOTS! It’s not Minnie Mouse without polka dots. See below images for inspiration on how you can decorate your venue:

Minnie Mouse Themed Outfit Ideas

Everyone loves Minnie & Mickey Mouse ears. Pick a pair of special/fancy Minnie ears for the birthday girl. If you want your guest to join you in wearing Minnie ears, provide them! These festive ears also make a great party favor for your guest. Use the below links to browse or purchase Minnie ears.

Themed Cake/Food Ideas

Have fun with different food ideas for your party. If you plan to have a fruit or veggie tray, get creative on how you choose to display the food. Place or cut the food in shapes that resemble your theme. Buy printables that you can place on the table around your meal to make it more festive. Be sure that any table cloths, napkins, and utensils you buy, will match the color scheme you picked for your theme. See below of some inspirational food options to match your theme.

Food Ideas:

Cake Ideas:

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Game/Activity Ideas

DIY Minnie Mouse Photo Booth: Get crafty and create a photo frame that matches your theme. find a nice back ground in your venue or purchase a photo drop for a designated place for your guest to take pictures throughout your event.

Bingo: Use this digital bingo game printable to host a fun game of bingo for your guest. See below link:

Minnie Mouse Themed Thank You Gifts

Thank your guest fro coming with a personalized gift bag filled with candy, prizes nd other fun goodies. See below links for some inspiration on what to put in your thank you bag.

Tootles! For more event ideas, please check our the below links.

Birthday Party Event Ideas

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