23 New Years Eve Event Ideas To Ring In 2023!

Plan The Best NYE Event Nobody Will Forget.

Are you excited about what 2023 has in store for you? So excited you decided to host a NYE party for all of your friends and family? Don’t Fret, because I am here to help you plan the perfect 2023 New Years Eve party everyone will be talking about all the way in 2024!

Check out 23 fresh party ideas for a 2023 NYE party.


1. New Years Eve Countdown Party

This party is great for all ages. Everyone loves to countdown the final hours, minutes, and even seconds into the new year. Why not make it more exciting by creating fun party bags for everyone to open during each hour of the party? Fill small bags with fun party gifts. Adult bags could include gifts such as gift cards, movie tickets, Polaroid cameras, card games, etc. Children would enjoy gifts such as bubbles, pop-it toys, yo-yo, candy, and confetti poppers. The last bag could include Hershey kisses, to ensure everyone gets a kiss at midnight.


2. Quarantine New Years Party

Covid-19 is still around and nothing to play with, but lets not let that stop us from having a little fun. Make social distance and sanitizing the theme of your NYE party. Provide your guest with silly face mask to wear. Set up a photo wall, filled with funny photo props and take socially distance photos. Make “Covid-19 Cocktails” and have Corona beer to fit the theme. The Covid-19 virus is very serious, and has effected everyone around the world, during this time find the joy and blessings of life by celebrating the new year safely.

glow in the dark

3. Glow in the Dark NYE Party

Who Doesn’t like a little glow in the dark paint to brighten up the cold and dark winter nights? for this party ask guest to come in glow in the dark attire. Provide glow sticks, glow in the dark paint, and glow in the dark decorations. Pick a dark room in the house to host the party, add black lighting and have an glow-tastic event!

disco girls

4. 70s Themed New Years Eve Party

Born in 19th or 20th century, sometimes we fantasize what it was like to live in the 70s era. Why not bring that fantasy to life for your guest? Have your guest come dressed to impress in their best 70s outfit; bell bottoms, afro, bright colors, etc. Decorate your party venue with party neon lights, a lit up dance floor, and of course a disco ball. If the venue is large enough have guest bring a pair of roller skates to skate into the new year. Play a soundtrack that will bring back the feelings of the era, the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever is a good one. Use the disco ball for the countdown to the year. Get ready to boogie all night!

new york city party

5. NYC Times Square New Years Eve Party

Do you want to go to Times Square in New York City but hate large amount the people and car to car traffic during the holiday season? Bring Times Square to you! Watching the ball drop in Times Square is holiday tradition for most people. Have the holiday festivities playing on the TV in the background. Decorate your party with traffic signs, broadway lights, and a city backdrop. Serve street style foods such as pizza, soft pretzels, hot dogs, and soda. Fill the night with card games and charades NY edition. End the night with watching the ball drop and lighting fireworks outside to give you the feel of being in NYC.

pizza pajama party

6. Pajama New Years Eve Party

Who says adults can’t have pajama parties too? This Party is for all ages. Dress in silly pajamas to make it even more youthful for a kids party. Invite guest to wear their best pajamas to the event. Decorate your house with cozy pillows and blankets to build forts and tents with guests. Create a spa experience, Play a favorable movie, have a pajama dance party or bake cookies to keep everyone entertained. Provide “midnight” snacks if anyone gets the munches throughout the night. Who doesn’t want to bring in the new year comfortably wearing your favorite pjs?

queer eye

7. Prideful New Years Eve Party

Show your LGBTQIAPK pride through this themed New Years Eve party. Fill this venue with rainbow colors everywhere. Rainbow balloons, confetti, glow in the dark paint, lights, etc and create a dance floor for everyone to let loose into the new year. Bake rainbow cupcakes and cookies for snacks. Play pride themed games, provide the party with rainbow playing cards, etc. Bring in the new year with a cheers of colorful cocktails and jell-o shots.

90s themed party music

8. 90s Themed New Years Eve Party

Hip-Hop Hooray! Throw a Hip-Hip themed party to bring in the New Year 90s Style. In the 90s fashion was baggie clothes, sweat suits, and denim. Have guest come dressed to impress in their best 90s fit. Play Hip-Hop tracks on a loud boombox or have a DJ host the night. Enjoy fun dance moves such as the Kid ‘N’ Play, Hammer Time, and Cha Cha/Electric Slide. Bring back popular candy from the 90s; pixie sticks, push pops, fruit stripe gum, and cry baby extra sour bubble gum to hand out to your guest. 90s was filled with dance parties, dance into year 2022!


9. Hourly Balloon Pop Themed NYE Party

Do your friends, family or children love surprises? This party theme is great for individuals who love surprises. For this party you will write a special activity on a piece of paper and roll it up to stuff inside of the balloon. Blow up the balloon and write a specific time on the balloon, such as 6pm. When the clock chimes that time it is time for that activity. Have balloons for each hour or half hour until midnight. This event is fun to keep kids engaged with new activities every hour or so. At an adult party you can spice it up and have the activities include taking a shot, daring someone to share their embarrassing moment this past year, or putting the spotlight on someone to do a song, karaoke style. Have fun with this event, make it very spontaneous.

record player for party

10. Great Gatsby Themed NYE Party

Are you a fan of the 1920s era? Then host a Great Gatsby themed party! This time period was filled with black and white attire. A great color for decorations would be black and gold to give guest the illusion of being in a glamorous setting. Provide guest with pearls and beads to add more theme to their attire. Your food menu could include deviled eggs, shrimp cocktail, oyster Rockefeller, cheese platters, and mixed nuts. The Great Jay Gatsby was on a quest to find his one true love. Help your guest find love at your 1920s NYE party.

Las Vegas themed party

11. Las Vegas Themed New Years Eve Party

Have you ever spent New Years Eve in Vegas? Whatever the answer is, instead why not bring Vegas to the comfort of your home? Hosting a Vegas themed party will be full of gambling luck! Set up several gaming tables with games such as poker, blackjack, craps, roulette, etc. Host the party with tickets and real or fake money for guest to win during the games. Serve a casino-style buffet, play some techno or rock-n-roll music and let the gambling begin!

winter snowman

12. Winter Wonderland NYE Themed Party

Baby, its cold outside.. so why not host a winter themed party? The color white symbolizes new, clean, fresh, pure, and of course winter. Decorate your venue with snowflakes, fake white snow, and white Christmas lights. serve winter themed drinks such as a Peppermint Bark Mimosa, Carmel Snickerdoodle Martini, or even a Gingerbread Eggnog drink. Bring the cold-wintery time of the year in the best way possible!

arts and crafts

13. DIY New Years Eve Themed Party

This party is great for the family. Spend the day doing arts and crafts projects that will be used for the NYE party. There are several Do-It-Yourself projects for the family to participate in. Try creating: a NYE banner from scratch, decorative glasses, giant confetti balloons, a countdown clock, piñata, tinsel, noise makers and glow sticks. Have fun creating some fun projects that can be use later in the night during the party. You could even be crafty with the food menu; a hot chocolate bar, star shaped cookies, and finger foods in the shape of 2022. Spend time with family creating, decorating, and partying into the new year.

prayer and bible study

14. Christian Fellowship NYE Themed Party

New Years Eve is not always considered as a significant date on many church calendars, but is it still a very important date in individual’s lives. Spending NYE with your church family can help bring you closer to God, family and friends. Whether this gather is with a the whole church or just a few members gathering in the house this event can be a memorable way to start off the new year. During your time you can reflect on the new year. Spend time sharing testimonies, highs and lows, negatives and positives of the past year. Share goals, desires, and prayer request for the year to come, 2022. The group could start a fast for the day to clear your minds, and reset and refocus on the new year God will bring.

new years eve party

15. Black & Gold Themed NYE Party

Looking for a simple party to plan? This themed party just consist of black and gold decorations, they are pretty easy to find this time of year. This theme may be a simple set up but the colors are elegant and sophisticated. You may put in little effort but your guest may be intrigued to think you put in a lot of effort. Decorate with gold plastic dishes and cups, sparkly balloons and confetti. Have guest dress for the occasion by wearing black and gold colors. Pour up some fancy champagne and let the party begin.


16. Bubbly Themed New Years Eve Party

Bubbles? Why not.. Welcome guest with a fun bubble blower at the door. (be mindful bubbles may make the walkway wet/slippery) Provide each guest with bubbles to blow throughout the party if they desire. Have bubbly drinks such as bubbly champagne, bubbly water, and bubble tea. Have a bubble blowing contest with bubble gum or bubble wands. You can even have fun with bubble wrap by popping as many bubbles as possible during the countdown to the new year.


17. Campfire NYE Themed Party

Do you enjoy being outdoors? Host a NYE party outside around a campfire. Have guest dressed for the occasion. Decorate the venue with comfortable chairs, blankets, and pillows. Provide ingredients for roasting s’mores or hotdogs and make a ton of hot chocolate. Sing campfire songs, gaze amongst the stars, and share campfire stories. Get enough wood for the fire to burn the entire night and enjoy bringing in the new year under the stars.

starting fresh on new years eve

18. Starting Fresh NYE Themed Party

Sometimes people need time and space to share personal feelings and struggles they may have went through alone the past year or years. Open a space for this by having a party themed around close friends/family coming together to start fresh together. During this time uplift each other, bring good energy into each others lives. Ask guest to bring a picture, item, note, or memento. Have anyone who desires, share any feelings about their item. Then have fun burning it, painting it, smashing it, tearing it, whatever feels best in the moment. Share some positive affirmations, and propose a toast to a better new year whiling leaving the past in the past.

new years eve party for elders

19. Countdown to Noon NYE Themed Party

Don’t want to stay up until midnight? Problem solved! Have your New Years Eve party countdown to 12PM. This party is great for a large group of elderly, people who work in the morning, children, or people who have a hard time staying up late. Set up your party as if it was the count down to midnight. Have snacks, confetti, and games for the event.

new years eve outfit

20. Celebrity NYE Themed Party

Do you have a celebrity look-a-like or a celebrity you want to be for the night? Host a celebrity look-a-like themed party and have your guest dress like a celebrity of their choice. Have fun acting in character all night. Make the night fun by having friends who dressed as singers or rappers put on a performance. Or ones who dressed as actors perform a small skit. Have fun with the costumes and provide boujee drinks and hors d’oeuvres on fine dishes that are only acceptable for your celebrity guest.

geeky party

21. Beauty and the Geek NYE Themed Party

Hosting for a large crowd of nerds? Make it silly by having the men dress in their best geeky attire while the women are dressed beautifully. Play trivia games and do brain game puzzles. Make the night a little competitive by making the games geek vs beauty.


22. Fiesta New Years Eve Themed Party

Enjoy Mexican culture and cuisine? Have fun planning your event around a Mexican fiesta theme. Have guest dress in party dresses and button down shirts to fit the theme. Decorate with sombreros, pinatas, and banners, and maracas. Serve margaritas and coconut drinks. Tacos, rice, and empanadas are great food options to fit the theme. Have fun bringing in the New Year with a fiesta!!

23. A Relaxing Spa Themed Party

Get your group together and ready to spend time relaxing and resetting before the new year. Provide face masks, Nail filers & polish, foot scrubs, lotions, and more for your guest to be able to pamper themselves in ways that may be much needed before going into the new year. We all want to feel good and confident at the start of a new beginning, this is a great way in ensuring that.

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