The Perfect Birthday For Your 1 Year Old.

If your baby is about to turn 1 and you are looking to plan the perfect birthday party, this blog is perfect for you! Time flies by, take a moment to blink back the tears and get ready to watch your baby girl or boy have the best 1st birthday by far!

Be mindful, before you get too carried away remember that your baby may love all of the attention but most likely will not remember their first birthday party. This party will be more for the parents, friends and family to come together and celebrate one year of life for your child. Hopefully everyone take lots of pictures of the event to commemorate the day because this party will be one to remember.

Continue to read on as I guide you through planning the perfect 1 year old birthday party for your baby boy, girl, or twin (unisex)

At my high school grad party I decided I wanted to have a ton of balloons around the house. I had some outside for guest to see, inside on the floor for decorations, balloons taped to the wall, and even some dangling from the ceiling. All I can remember is my little cousins, friends and kids from the neighborhood being so mesmerized by these balloons. KIDS LOVE BALLOONS.

Balloon decorating is in right now in 2021. A lot of creative individuals are designing and crafting AMAZING balloon art. Balloon are a great way to decorate for your baby’s event, and it is fairly easy. This idea can be achieved in any type of color scheme.

Send an Invite.

Sending an invitation weeks in advance allows all your guest to properly plan and mark their calendars for your special event. Your invitation should match the theme of the party.. Balloons. This way you are giving your guest a hint at what the theme of the party is while getting them excited about the event.

Make an entrance.

To make it easy for your guest to find your event venue, try decorating the outside of your house with balloons. Be sure the balloons are secure either in the ground, on the mail box, a tree, step railing, etc. because we do not need the balloons flying away before the event even starts.

If you have a large staircase or large opening near the front door inside, you can create an impressive entrance by creating a balloon arch way or balloons wrapping decoratively around the stair case.

See below linked images for inspiration:

Say Cheese.

A photo wall or booth is a must have at this event. Your child may not remember this event specifically so capturing photos will be a great way to keep this event in your memories. Find a spot in the venue where there is a large wall or empty space to hang a tapestry and place nice prop, such as a balloons orderly designed for the photo.

See the below linked image for inspiration:

Picture Perfect Outfit.

Your baby is going to be the center of attention and in everyone’s photos so we need the perfect birthday attire. Be sure to have your child stick out from all of the other children at the party. Dressing your child in a shirt that has the words “birthday” or “turning 1 today” would be a great way to stand out from the crowd. Your baby girl could wear a balloon tiara, or your baby boy could wear a balloon hat. Everyone shall know exactly who’s party it is.

See the below linked images for inspiration:

Food & Drinks.

A child’s birthday party typically consist of easy finger foods for kids to grab quick and eat in only a few bits (less mess). Great appetizer options could be chips, fruit, sliders, and pizza bites. Include water, lemonade, punch, and maybe wine/beer for the parents to relax a little. Polka dots go great with a balloon theme party. Polka dot cups, plates, table clothes are great for decorating this theme.

See the below linked images for inspiration:

Activity Time.

Now you have kids running around everywhere looking for things to get into. To prevent kids keeping themselves busy, you keep them busy by having some fun activities planned. Boys may be interested in a bounce house, balloon sword fights, a clown who can craft fun balloon animals to keep them busy. Girls may enjoy an arts and craft/ DIY activity, face painting, or water tattoos.

Dessert Time.

Let’s have cake! Don’t we all love a cute baby with messy cake all over their face? Have the high chair set up and decorated nicely to go along with the theme. This is the best part and a lot of pictures of this adorable messy moment will be taken. Let baby have a cake or cupcake all to him/herself and go crazy! It may be best to have two desserts, one for your guests to enjoy, and another for the baby to destroy.

Thank Your Guest.

Send guest home with a cute party favor. Find a party favor that matches the balloon theme. Fill party bags with items such as bubbles, confetti, a balloon, bubble gum, and pop-it toys. This will ensure to keep the party going even after guests leave.

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