Perfect Birthday for Your 2 Year Old.

Baby Shark TWO TWO TWO TWO..

Your baby boy or girl is turning two already and it is time to plan a birthday party. Does your child get up and dance every time they hear the baby shark theme song? Read my blog for the a complete guide to planning a Baby Shark‘s Big Show themed birthday party.


Create an invitation for your guest to get them excited for the party. Use Invitations that have the characters of the show on them, with a cute saying such as “Its a Baby Shark Party!” This will allow your guest to get excited about the upcoming party.


Time to decorate. Baby Shark’s Big Show is very colorful. You can not go wrong with decorating with colorful table cloths, cups, plates, and balloons. This will make the venue vibrant and exciting for all of the kids to see.

Create a photo wall with the colorful sharks from the show. The children will love taking pictures with the sharks and pretending to be under water. Take it further by blowing up a small kiddie pool for the kids to play in as a prop for pictures as well.

Food/dessert table.

Get crafty with your food and dessert table. Have fun with the theme of the party. Buy or create labels for your food items for them to match the theme.


Have the family dress up in matching attire for the birthday baby. Have the family wear mommy shark, daddy shark, bother shark, sister shark t-shirts. Of course have a birthday shark t-shirt for birthday baby to ensure everyone knows exactly whose birthday it is.


Children need to stay busy. Set up the game Pin the Teeth on the Shark. Set up the image of the shark, blindfold the children as they try to pin the teeth on the shark.

Pin the Teeth on the Shark Game

And of course, you can not host a baby shark birthday party and not play the theme song and dance along!

Thank you.

Lastly, let’s thank your guest with a fun baby shark themed party bag. Order baby shark party favors for all of the children to have something to take home with them to remember such an amazing birthday party.

Happy Birthday Baby Shark!

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