Summertime First Date Ideas

Finally the temperature is high and the sun is shining bright, thus it is time for fresh date night ideas. If you are going on your first date this blog is great for you. But if it is not your first date and you are in need of some new date ideas, I am sure you will find new ideas here as well. There are so many first date ideas during the summer time that are extremely fun and adventurous; check out this list of ideas below.

 First dates during the summer time

Outdoor Dining

Outside dining has become more popular due to the pandemic. This style of dining is actually very romantic with the perfect scenery. Find a restaurant with outdoor dining that has a great view you both will enjoy. Be sure to not only find a great view but also a great menu.

Drive in Movie Theatre

Drive in theaters are still out there! Take your date to a drive in theater to bring back the vibes of the 60s. This outing is great to enjoy a movie but also to have the privacy of being in your own car.

Go to a Museum

Have you ever been to a pop up museum? See what temporary museums are near you and visit them before they are gone for the season. If you are in the Philadelphia area and you are in need of an idea, check out Wonderspaces.

Take a Day Trip to the Beach

The beach is so much fun and perfect for a first date idea during the summer. Drive down to the shore with your date and soak up the sun. Bring some lunch, and lay out all day. Pack a volley ball or playing cards for entertainment if you like.

 First dates during the summer time

Cook out on the Grill

Food always taste better when its grilled, don’t you agree? Prep some food and grill out together. If you want to make your time together fun and competitive pick a dish you both have to make and see whose is better, the final decision may be bias if only you two are the judge but it will still be a fun experience to remember.

Paint in the Park

You do not have to be Picasso to paint a picture. Bring out those creative skills and create some art. Try painting individually, together, and maybe paint a picture of each other. Painting outside at a scenic area like a park will provide more inspiration for your ideas.

Go for a Walk

Take a long stroll in the park, at a shopping center, in a hiking area, downtown, or wherever you like and enjoy your date’s company. Make stop for ice cream or a drink along the way.

Take a Long Drive

First Date Ideas during the Summer

Car rides are great for long or deep conversations. There are less distractions in the car and people typically feel more comfortable conversing in the car. Take a long drive and see where your conversation leads you. You may be surprised where you end your destination.

Watch the Sunset

Watching the sunset is always romantic. Set out a comfortable blanket on the grass or sit and watch the sunset from your car.

Meet for Brunch

Brunch dates are always a good time! If you are from the Philadelphia area, Check out one of these 5 spots from my list of favorite restaurants:

 First dates during the summer time
  • 48th Street Grille – This brunch spot is known for their Jamaican style cuisines. Take the Jamaican Breakfast: Ackee (Jamaican fruit), and salt fish served with collard greens, fried plantains, and fried dumplings.
  • Booker’s Restaurant & Bar – For this menu think comfort food mixed with breakfast fare. This restaurant has history, it is named after the waiter, Booker Wright, who risked and lost his life after expressing his experience on what it is like to be a black man working in an all white restaurant in the 1960s.
  • Honey’s Sit N Eat – Located in the Norther Liberties, this quirky hideaway offers a menu with a variety of Southern, Tex Mex, and Jewish fare. Breakfast is served all day!
  • Breakfast Boutique – Two beautiful store fronts; one in Mount Airy the other in Chestnut Hill. Any time is breakfast time! The Boutique Sampler is a hit, it provides a variety of the top choices on the menu. You will also have to be sure to try their homemade cakes for dessert.

Go Shopping

Get to know your date’s taste in clothing by going shopping together. Even if you both decide to only window shop this is a great way to get idea of what your date may like if you buy him/her a gift in the future.

Visit a Local Farmers Market

Farmers markets are full of all types of goodies. The bigger the better. Take a trip to the farmers market, enjoy the different types of food as well as exploring the little shops your market has to offer.

First Date Ideas during the Summer

Spend the Day at a Pool

Cool down by spending the day at a pool. You can chill poolside or turn into raisins by staying in the water all day. Swimming is active and also fun when you play or create pool games.

Go to a Live Concert

Live concerts are always fun. Sometimes it does not matter if it is your taste of music, just the presence of live entertain can be enough. Explore different ideas by attending a live concert that is not of your typical choice. Or be the concert by going to a Karaoke Night at a restaurant or bar.

Go on a Boat Ride

Find near by water and go on a romantic boat ride. You could rent a paddle boat and spend the evening watching the sunset from the water. Or maybe you have a friend who owns a boat who could take you for a ride. Get creative!

Plan a Picnic

Picnics are super thoughtful, because you have to put quite a bit of thought and consideration into this date. Pick a great location with a lot of scenery and open grass, but also with privacy away from other people to avoid distractions. Figure out your date’s favorite meal and dessert to bring. You may also want to bring an activity such as painting or card games to keep you two entertained.

Exercise Together

Create your own workout or find a class to take together. Challenge each other to push the limits and get uncomfortable. Exercising together is a great way to get to know someone. Whether you are good at it or not, grow together as you challenge your strengths.

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