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Valentine’s Day Ideas That are Out of the Ordinary

    Lets be unpredictable this year on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s day is a holiday where we typically spend time with our significant other by going to dinner, seeing a movie, eating chocolate etc. Lets break that tradition and spread love with everyone in a unique way. This year don’t dedicate Valentine’s Day to only one person but to all the people in your life that you love dearly. Here are some great Valentine’s Day Ideas to do with loved ones.

    Have a Bonfire

    Make homemade s’mores outside by a bonfire with those you love. S’mores are easy to make, try using this kit to make them easy.

    Get Your Nails Done

    spa day valentine's day idea

    Pamper yourselves. Male or female, there is nothing wrong with having a self care spa day.

    Go on a V-Day Hike

    hiking valentine's day ideas

    This activity is great with a group. Get outdoors and be more active this year!

    Have a Movie Marathon

    Is it too cold outside? Then stay in and watch movies all day long with your loved ones. If you want to make it festive, have a romance, or rom com movie marathon.

    Go to the Ballet or Theatre


    This idea is out of the ordinary. Find a ballet or theatre performance near you and enjoy it with friends and family.

    Plan a Weekend Away

    weekend get away with friends

    Take a trip to a random location and find new things you love about that place.

    Wine Tasting

    If you think you are not a fan of wine, maybe you just have not found the right one. Spend time with loved ones by going wine tasting. You may find one you love!

    Have a Potluck

    potluck with friends valentine's day ideas

    Good food makes everyone happy. We have to eat. Show your love for one another by breaking bread together. Have a potluck, everyone brings their favorite dish. Yum!

    Go Shopping

    valentine's day shopping

    Shopping spree!

    Go to the Spa

    spa day with friends valentine's day ideas

    Relaxation is the name of the game. Relax this year on Valentine’s Day. Treat yourselves to a foot massage, a face mask, or a back massage.

    See Stand Up Comedy

    A comedy show on Valentine’s Day is not your typical outing. Have a laugh with your loved ones by finding a local comedy show to attend this holiday.

    Host a Game Night

    valentine's day idea game night

    We don’t typically think we want to be competitive on Valentine’s Day. Spice it up and have a competitive game night with friends and family.

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