Winter Date Night Idea

Baby its cold outside… so let’s have date night at the house.

Has your significant other ever suggested this? And was your response there’s nothing to do in the house? If so follow this winter date night blog on having the perfect date in the comfort of your home.

date night

Set the mood.

One way to distract your mind of staying in the house if you had preferred not to, is to have a nice set up or lightly decorate the area. Clear of kitchen counters, and pop out that wine bottle you have been saving along with a few snacks laid out nicely as appetizers before dinner. Make the couch cozy with blankets, light a candle if you have one laying around and play some soft music in the background. Rearranging the house a little will help to set the vibe for the night and bring excitement to rewind and relax with your significant other for the night.

date night

Dress for the night.

You can decide to dress up as if you were going out of the house, to help distract your mind of staying in for date night. If you prefer to dress comfortably while a home, throw on some nice sweats or pj pants to have more of a cozy vibe. Make sure your partner matches your energy so you both are on the same page for the date night.

Order in.

date night delivery

If you are not a fan of cooking, and just want to relax this night, order in! Ordering in is easy and fast. Ordering in will also allow you to focus more on the date with your partner rather then having to prep, cook and clean up. Bring out those local menus and find some good eats that deliver to you, and dinner for the night is complete.

Activity time.

Based on you and your partner’s personality, finding an activity to do before ending the night with a movie would be great. I suggest playing a game. Games are exciting, fun, and a great way to let loose and be silly together. The Best Friend Game is extremely fun for couples to see how well they know each other. You each get a dry erase board to write your answers to the question cards, turn the board around and see if both answers are the same or not. This game will definitely determine who knows the other best. A little fun competition.

Movie time.

After eating food and enjoying an activity, it is time to unwind and relax on the comfy couch you piled up with pillows and blankets. Pick your favorite romance, romcom, comedy, action movie, or etc. to end the night of nice.

date night movie

Having a date night in the house can be a lot of fun if you make the most of it. To have a good time does not always matter where you are but who you are with. Enjoy your date night! 🙂

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